Dr. M. Hanif Saeed (Hair Transplant Studio)

DrThuDoDDS-ImageThere is nothing new in the observation that a person's appearance exerts a profound influence on his or her social world. While concepts of beauty and ugliness vary from one culture to another and from one time to another, good-looking people are more in demand, regardless of what they say or do, they tend to evoke responses that would be different if they were ugly. Results have shown that cosmetic surgery has tremendous benefits for the aged or prematurely aging person. It rekindles old interests, sparks new ideas and encourages people to participate fully in life. There is practically no one who does not try to improve their appearance through accepted means, such as hair styling, make-up, clothing, dieting and exercising. Cosmetic surgery is only an extension of this daily process. With the advancement in technology cosmetic surgical procedures are simple, quick, effective and relatively painless. ASIAN International Cosmetic Surgery Centre was established in 2002 by Dr. M. Hanif Saeed. Dr. Saeed is a trained professional consultant for Skin, Hair, Nails, Obesity, Cosmetic & Hair Transplantation. Skin Treatments: Skin diseases Acne treatment Acne Scars treatment Freckles treatment Treatment for Fungal skin infections Dark circles eye treatment Skin brightening treatment Botox & Fillers Cosmetic Treatments: Face lift Baggy eyelids Nose surgeries Breast implants Breast reduction Breast lift Tummy tuck Liposuction Loose skin and musculator Cosmetic ear surgery Reconstructive Surgery: Cleft & lips palate Burns Mouth cancer Breast reconstruction Cautery for warts Diathermy for moles Nails surgery Chemical peeling Thread lift Besides the above specialized treatments we also provide Wrinkle therapy, Laser hair removal and laser resurfacing. We also specialize in Hair Transplantation procedures.

Our Mission

Canyon Hair transplant Dr. M. Hanif Saeed. Dr. Saeed is a trained professional consultant for Skin, Hair, Nails, Obesity, Cosmetic & Hair Transplantation.

Canyon Dental & Hair Transplant Studio

Canyon Dental & Hair Transplants Dental Studio Are Committed To:

  • Making our patients needs our top priority.
  • Giving patients thorough assessments and recommendations for treatment.
  • Respecting our patients and allowing them to make choices about their treatment.
  • Creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for our patients.
  • Communicating with our patients as we give them the best care, so that they understand all aspects of their treatment.
  • Offering hygiene programs that comply with the latest techniques.
  • Using the best quality materials and achieving the best clinical standards.

With this mission in mind, Canyon Dental & Hair Transplant Studio would like to provide your dental and hair care in and around your neighbourhood.

Dr. M. Hanif Saeed M.B.B.S., (C), M.D, M.A.S.L.M.S. (USA) American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery inc. Member International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (Skin Specialist, Laser Therapist & Cosmetologist)